More Than 30 Crochet Owl Patterns All Free

Amazing crochet owl patterns to make for any occasion! With over more than 30 free Crochet Owl patterns to make you will never feel bored. Crochet Owls are fun, colorful and quick projects to make. They can be used as little keyrings, Christmas ornaments, toys for any child, make crochet owls for a baby nursery or as part of your home decor or just make cute owl amigurumi for fun!

More Than 30 Crochet Owl Patterns All Free

More Than 30 Crochet Owl Patterns All Free

Baby Owl Free Pattern Crochet Amigurumi
They are approximately 4.5 inches high. Cute owl amigurumi’s to crochet with rainbow striped bodies!

Nesting Rainbow Owls Free Crochet Pattern
Here’s a set of wide-eyed Rainbow Owls and a mossy nest for them to snuggle up in.
free rainbow crochet owl patterns

Nugget the Lil’ Owl Free Crochet Pattern
Nugget is a whole 2 inches tall! Such a cute tiny owl to crochet.

Little Guy Stuffed Owl Cuddly
A cuddly stuffed owl to crochet that everyone will love!

Easy Crochet Owl Tutorial Free Pattern
Cute decorative owls to crochet, fun and colorful and easy to make!
Easy Crochet Owl Tutorial Free Pattern

Amigurumi Owl
It’s an easy amigurumi version, so everyone can make it.

Mr. Murasaki Owl Amigurumi
“Mr Murasaki is an introvert through and through. He finds it exhausting to be around people. His favorite pastime includes napping in the hollows of newly-discovered trees – just to “test them out”, he says.”

Owl Amigurumi
Super sweet and cute free crochet amigurumi owl pattern to make!

Ollie the Owl Free Crochet Pattern
This friendly fellow will encourage hours of imaginary play for a child or put the smile on the face of us older children.

Crochet Owl Family Amigurumi Free Pattern
Cute, tiny and wide eyed crochet owl amigurumi to make!

Owl Toy Crochet Pattern Free
Cute owl toy to make a special little girl in your life!

Little Owl to Crochet
Sweet colorful little owls to crochet!

Owl Toy Free Easy Baby’s Crochet Pattern
Squish-able owl toy to crochet.
Free Crochet Pattern for a Small Owl
You don’t need much yarn for this owl, which makes it a great project to use up any scrap yarn.

Amigurumi Sophisticated Owl
A simple pattern which can be a very good practice for an amigurumi beginner.

Soren the Barn Owl
Crochet Soren from Guardians of Ga’hoole.

Digger the Burrowing Owl Free Crochet Pattern
Digger the Burrowing Owl he has so many white stripes and spots on his mostly brown feathers.

Gylfie the Elf Owl Free Crochet Pattern
Here’s Soren the Barn Owl’s little friend Gylfie!

Twilight the Great Grey Owl
Crochet Twilight from Guardians of Ga’hoole.

Big Owl Crochet Applique Free Pattern
The finished owl is about 2,5 inch high and 1,2 inch wide.
Owl crochet applique

The Owl Rattle Toy
An owl rattle toy. This owl has the kinder surprise egg pod inside. The toy has a nice rattling and funny feet.

Free Crochet Own Pattern by Shauna
Crochet a cute black owl with this free pattern.
Mini Owlet Free Crochet Pattern
A tiny version of adorable big eyed owls to crochet.

Crochet Owl Pattern To Make
Cute and simple crochet owl pattern to make, make in all different colors!

Mini Owl Amigurumi
Awesome, easy and cute owl amigurumi to crochet for free.

Owl Stuffie with Upcycled Rattle Pictorial
This is a photo tutorial for both the crochet stuffed owl and to make your own rattle

Nite Owl Free
This colorful owl has spread wings and is ready for take off.

Wise Owl Ornament
Crochet this lovable little owl and display him on your mantel or nestled in your tree. He has all-knowing eyes and stays warm with a colorful scarf!

Hoot Owl Ornament
Whooo will be the cutest, little ornament on the tree? Crochet this owl in little time to add a quirky note to your tree.

Owl Charm
Very cute tiny charm owl to crochet for free.

Stripy Owl Family Free Crochet Pattern
Fun, colorful and easy to make rainbow strip crochet owls.

Want more crochet owl patterns? We are constantly updating this site and adding new patterns so newer owl patterns created after this post was created can be found here: Free Crochet Owl Patterns

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