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Free Unique Crochet Blanket Patterns

Free Unique Crochet Blanket Patterns

Creativity Free Flow: Free Unique Crochet Blanket Patterns Including Unique Throw Blankets, Quick Afghans, and Easy Baby Blankets

Crocheting blankets is not only a wonderful way to showcase your creativity and crocheting abilities, but also a fulfilling craft that produces not only beautiful cherished items, but functional and practical pieces of art to use around the house. Whether you’re seeking a unique throw for your living room, a quick afghan to cozy up with, or an easy baby blanket to gift, this blog post is here to inspire you with a collection of crochet patterns that are both enjoyable to make and delightful to use.

Free Unique Crochet Blanket Patterns

Table of Contents:

Why Crochet your own Unique Blanket?

Endless Creativity

Free crochet blanket patterns unlock endless creativity for your home and for gifts. Choose exactly the colors, textures, and designs you love rather than relying on pre-made options. Tap into an extensive library of patterns for inspiration or design your own motif. Crocheting allows you to make high-quality blankets at a fraction of the cost of purchasing one, so you can frequently change them out. Every step from selecting colors to the final stitch invites your creative spirit.

Therapeutic Productivity

Completing an heirloom while unwinding and developing your skills makes blanket crocheting incredibly rewarding. The repetitive motion induces a meditative state that many find relaxing. Seeing your beautiful design take shape row-by-row and knowing you crafted something so lovely with your own hands is an accomplishment that boosts confidence. Crocheting blankets merges productivity with self-care.

What Supplies Will I Need to Crochet a Unique Blanket

Following a pattern or making up your own, letting your creative instincts run free with color, texture and design choices will make your hand-stitched blanket completely one-of-a-kind. Here are the basic supplies you’ll need to crochet a unique, one-of-a-kind blanket:

  • Yarn – The yarn you choose will be integral in making your blanket unique. Pick interesting textures, colors, prints, etc. Opt for machine washable. Go for a few multi-colored cakes or get creative by mixing solid and variegated yarns.
  • Crochet Hook – Make sure to get the size recommended on the yarn’s label. Having hooks in varying sizes may help when working with different thicknesses.
  • Pattern or Plan – Even if making up your own pattern, have a plan to maintain gauge and determine yarn requirements. Start with simple stitches as you design. Look for modular patterns with lots of opportunities for creativity.
  • Scissors – Sharp scissors will keep your yarn cuts neat and tidy.
  • Tapestry Needle – Useful for joining pieces and weaving in ends. Bent-tip needles are ergonomically designed for comfort while stitching.
  • Notebook and Ruler/Measuring Tape – Keep notes on hook sizing, measurements and pattern repeats. Rulers help count rows and measure consistent sizing.
  • Stitch markers – Place markers between pattern repeats to keep track. Essential for complex patterns.
  • Buttons, patches, appliqués (Optional) – Fun unique details to embellish finished blankets.

Unique and Modern Crochet Blanket Patterns

This ultimate guide is here to inspire and guide you. From selecting intriguing stitch patterns to exploring unconventional color combinations, let’s dive into the world of crochet and discover how to craft blankets that are as unique as you are.

See all of our free crochet blanket patterns.

Urchins and Limpets Blanket

The background motifs of this blanket remind me of sea urchins, and the cheery centers remind me of limpet shells. In the background motif, the single crochet sections increase every round, and the chain spaces remain the same. In the small circles, the chain spaces increase with each round, and the single crochets stay the same. It’s a simple concept that, nonetheless, creates a lovely, cozy blanket. Any other combination of neutral background and pops of color would work well. Or change the feeling altogether and use a deep burnt orange as the background and stone gray, charcoal, bottle green, and navy for contrast. Free pattern here.

Unique Crochet Blanket Patterns Free urchin

Neon Bobbles Blanket

Neon colored crochet bobbles stand out against a solid black crochet background. Very cool modern and unique crochet blanket to make. Find the free pattern here.

Unique Crochet Blanket Patterns Free

Whirlpool Throw

This throw is worked from the center out, beginning with an adjustable ring. Alternate A and B colors by changing them every round. Free pattern here.

Unique Crochet Blanket Patterns Free Whirlpool Throw

Desert Star Throw

here may be a lot of diamonds and triangles to crochet, but they’re joined-as-you-go and the results are spectacular! Choose the colors that tell your story, or take the guesswork out and make the gorgeous interpretation shown. It’s a project that’s sure to earn you compliments.

Get this pattern here.

Desert Star Throw, free crochet pattern for a unique blanket

Patons Quarter Circle Crochet Blanket

Featuring a quintessential mid-century pattern (and palette), this crochet blanket is sure to become a showstopper in any modern home! Cleverly crocheted in bright shades of Patons Inspired, individual 2-color squares are rotated and seamed together in finishing. We love it as designed, but you can swap out shades for ones that match your space. The overall look is crisp and playful, making this throw an amazing way to refresh a room! Get the free pattern here.

Modern Crochet Blanket Patterns

Red Heart Mandala Sampler Throw

Wow your family and friends by displaying this masterpiece in your home. Every hexagon in this mesmerizing crochet throw is unique and interesting in shades of Red Heart Super Saver. Throw is made from 19 hexagons sewn together following the assembly diagram included with the pattern. It’s a satisfying project that adds color and interest, whether tossed over furniture or strewn across the bed. Get this free pattern here.

unique crochet blanket pattern with mandala samplers

Triangle Fusion Blanket

Very unique crochet design using yarn colors in the same family and a mod triangle design pattern. Find the free pattern here.

Unique Crochet Blanket Patterns Free Triangle Fusion

Interlocking Color Block Crochet Blanket

Easier than it looks, this colorful crochet blanket comes together in no time, thanks to the perfectly curated shades of Bernat Blanket O’Go! Worked in single crochet panels, you only have to worry about using one shade at a time, making color changes super simple to achieve. Panels are small enough to carry, for a fun anytime project you can take wherever you go! Once seamed together, panels create a whimsical interlocking pattern that’s sure to please. Get this free pattern here.

Interlocking Color Block Crochet Blanket pattern

Boomerang Throw

Brighten your room’s mood with a throw that really pops with color! This crocheted beauty is made of boomerang shapes and then triangle motifs fill in the spaces. Of course if you are going for a more peaceful mood, there are plenty of softer hues available in this yarn. Find the free pattern here.

Free Unique Crochet Blanket Pattern

Free Unique Crochet Blanket Patterns for Babies and Kids

Crocheting one-of-a-kind blankets for the little ones in your life is an incredibly rewarding craft for so many reasons. Unlike mass-produced baby blankets, a handmade creation allows you to pour love into every stitch, customizing the size, colors and textures to the child’s unique style. The tactile nature of crochet blankets provides sensory stimulation, perfect for imagination-rich young minds. Babies especially will be transfixed exploring the intricate stitches, staying comforted and cozy.

More than just serving a practical purpose, your crocheted keepsake establishes a heartfelt connection before baby even arrives, made with care during the anticipation of their debut. The heirloom-quality item can be passed down for generations as a cherished memento of welcome. Imaginative kids also delight in blankets that tell tales of adventure, from friendly monsters to brave superheroes emerging row by row. Simple motifs stimulate cognition and become whimsical playthings built right in.

Finally, the pride on little faces when you present the hand-crafted gift is a truly heartwarming experience. Watching a child snuggle, play and explore under your loving stitches is a special joy. From the creative process to nurturing development, making unique crochet blankets builds an invaluable bond that comforts babies and sparks kids’ imaginations for years to come.

Unique Hexagon Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

Easy and unique hexagon blanket pattern to crochet. Gather-up the gang to tackle this hexagon afghan in pieces. It’s a fun project where each person makes their own hexagons separately, then they all get stitched together! Get this free pattern here.

Unique Hexagon Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

Free Pattern for an Entrelac Crochet Baby blanket

Lull baby to sleep in the comfort of this entrelac baby blanket. Holding 2 strands together as you work, creates a stunning marled effect for this popular pattern. Turning after each row allows you to work little squares of single crochet stitches that are stitched one off the next in this interesting technique. Finished with bobble pom pom edging, this crochet blanket is a delightful addition to the nursery. Find this free pattern here.

Free Pattern for an Entrelac Crochet Baby blanket

Redheart Lions, Tigers and Bears Blanket

This incredible crochet blanket is perfect to inspire young imaginations. Red Heart Super Saver makes it bigger than life with lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Simply choose shades you prefer, or craft it as shown. This animated display of creativity is a wonderful gift that’s sure to be passed down from generation to generation. Get this free pattern here.

Free Unique Crochet Blanket Patterns for Babies and Kids with lions bears and tiger granny squares

Heart Warmer Blanket

Crochet a unique baby blanket filled with hearts and love. Free pattern here.

Unique Crochet Blanket Patterns Free Heart Warmer Baby Blanket

In Full Bloom Baby Blanket

Wow, this blanket is bursting with the essence of spring, featuring a lively design that captivates baby’s attention! This vibrant pattern is easy to crochet using shades of Red Heart Soft Baby Steps. Love it as shown, or imagine a different combination of shades that makes it personal for you. It’s a sweet blanket that adds a fresh touch to any nursery décor. Free pattern here.

unique crochet blanket pattern for babies

Unique Granny Square Throw Patterns

The endless possibilities of unique granny square throw patterns make crocheting your own colorful creation an incredibly joyful and satisfying experience. Unlike mass-produced throws, stitching an original granny square blanket allows your distinctive style to shine through in every imaginative design choice.

The very structure of joining small granny squares gives you permission to play with truly one-of-a-kind combinations. Mix vibrant and eccentric color schemes in galleries of carefree pixels – no two throws will ever turn out exactly the same! Choosing unique specialty yarns with varying textures and sheens adds intrigue to each individual motif. Take risks with Unexpected color pairing and marvel as new color relationships emerge row by row.

As you watch a mosaic of mismatched squares come together with delightfully messy charm, you’ll feel a bubbling sense of creative freedom. The pieces seamlessly and forgivingly fuse into a fabulous patchwork keepsake thanks to the flexible granny square construction. Lace delicate snowflakes between jaunty zigzags without worry – this quilt plays by its own spectacular rules.

The endless versatility ensures you’ll never get bored even stitching hundreds of squares. Below are some unique granny square blanket patterns you may want to crochet.

Red Heart Patched Persuasion Throw

Unleash your creativity on this patchwork-style crochet throw that really packs a punch of color! And why not? Even though we’ve designed it a certain way, you can explore a variety of effects with over 100 shades of Red Heart Super Saver to color your world. It’s a truly unique accent that enhances any setting, from mid-century modern to free-spirited boho. Get the free pattern here.

Unique Granny Square Throw Patterns

Red Heart Cabin in the Woods Crochet Blanket

Worked in the round, the graphically interesting design comes to life thanks to mini log cabin motifs that you stitch up while practicing chain, double crochet, half double crochet, and single crochet techniques. Add warmth and style to the bedroom, family room, reading nook, and more! Get this free pattern here.

log cabin free crochet blanket pattern

Free Easy Crochet Country Quilt Blanket Pattern

Infuse your space with a happy vibe, courtesy of this easy crochet quilt blanket. Created in bright shades of Caron One Pound and Caron Jumbo Ombre, simple crochet motifs come together to reveal a warm and traditional, quilt-look design. Pieces are created separately, then working in the round, you’ll seam them together to complete. Watch this updated version of a beloved classic bring contemporary flair to your home. Find the free pattern here.

Free Easy Crochet Country Quilt Blanket Pattern

Rainbow Log Cabin Throw

A crochet log cabin throw with a twist, a fun, modern and unique take. Get the free crochet pattern here.

Unique Crochet Blanket Patterns Free Rainbow Log Cabin Throw

Woven Throw

Solid granny squares, the pattern is made up of carefully chose colors and a modern patchwork arrangement. Free pattern here.

Unique Crochet Blanket Patterns Free Woven Throw

Can Beginners Crochet Unique Blankets?

The key for beginners is to start with a simple stitch they feel comfortable with. From there, things like creativity with colors and enjoying the process can make a first blanket project both doable and exciting.

Here are a few reasons why beginning crocheters can take on the challenge of making free unique crochet blanket patterns:

  1. Blankets are great beginner projects. Blankets tend to use basic stitches in repetitive patterns, so they are perfect for practicing stitch consistency. You can focus on getting your tension right without having to tackle complex shaping or construction.
  2. Working in one stitch or simple patterns is meditative. The repetition involved in making a blanket can be almost therapeutic for beginners. You can relax into the rhythm of the stitches once you get the hang of them.
  3. Blankets are forgiving. If you have inconsistent sizing on your stitches as you learn, blankets can hide variations quite well. A more tailored project would require more precision.
  4. Playing with color is fun and creative. Working through self-striping or ombré cakes of yarn keeps things interesting without needing to follow a complex pattern. Beginners can explore their creative side.
  5. Blankets are useful projects. Having a cozy blanket you made yourself at the end of your first project is incredibly rewarding. Blankets also make wonderful gifts, so you get to share your new skills with friends and family.
Free Unique Crochet Blanket Patterns

Unique Crochet Blankets Show Off Your Unique Aesthetic and Style

Free unique crochet blanket patterns create a wonderful opportunity for self-expression and showing off personal flair. Since blankets are large-scale projects that utilize repetitive stitches, they are ideal canvases to showcase creativity in a number of ways:

  • Color Choices: Choosing unconventional color combinations or gradients allows the creator to show their distinctive color aesthetic. Playing with contrasting or complementary hues also adds drama and style.
  • Stitch Patterns: Choosing stitch patterns like cables, lace, basketweave or sunburst motifs over basic stitches gives blankers more visual interest and variety while crocheting. Getting inventive with stitch work is an excellent way to showcase originality.
  • Yarn Types: Opting for velvety chenille yarns, super bulky or varying textured yarns makes for intriguing, one-of-a-kind styles. Using sustainably sourced novelty yarns also allows crafters to make an eco-conscious statement.
  • Finishing Techniques: Adding colorful fringe, pom poms or fabric backing on a blanket project adds stylish flair. Embellishing personalized details gives homemade blankets more polish and panache.

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