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57 free Crochet Hats crochet patterns

Check out these awesome free crochet hat patterns! We’ve got everything from classic beanies to cozy slouch hats. Keep reading for some tips on how to crochet a hat to get you started.

20 Free Crochet Hat Patterns

Choosing Your Crochet Hat Style

When it comes to crocheting hats, the possibilities are as vast as the winter sky. Let’s break down the basics of crochet hat construction and explore the various styles you’ll encounter in patterns.

Round and Round or Flat Magic?

Similar to knit hats, crochet hats can take shape either in the round or as a flat piece that later transforms into a cozy tube. For beginners, the flat approach offers simplicity, often involving a basic rectangular shape—perfect if you’re just dipping your toes into the crochet world.

If you’re eyeing a seamless finish or aiming for a snug fit, working a hat in the round might be your go-to. Sure, it involves a bit of counting, but the result can be a sleek, cone-shaped hat, favored by many.

Top Down or Bottom Up?

Hats crafted in the round often follow a top-down approach. This method allows for last-minute adjustments to fit and customization of your beanie’s height or slouchiness, providing that perfect tailored touch.

On the flip side, the bottom-up technique can unfold in the round or flat. The advantage here is the ability to check early on that the brim circumference fits snugly. It’s especially handy for intricate cabled hat patterns where the stitches face upward, showcasing your crochet craftsmanship.

Patterns for Crochet Hats

Keep scrolling below for all our free crochet hat patterns.

Whether you opt for a flat rectangle or embrace the circular rhythm, each crochet hats style has its unique charm. So, grab your hook, pick your style, and let the winter crochet hat adventure begin!