A step by step crochet leaf tutorial in pictures.

step by step crochet leaf

Many people are asking for a written pattern. I can give it a go by just looking at the images. This may not be right, but please feel free to correct in the messages below. Together we can work it out!

Image 1: Chain 9 and single crochet across.

Image 2: Tie in different green yarn and single crochet without finishing it (keeping the loop), skip a stitch in the row below and hdc into the next closing it off with the previous sc.

Image 3: Looks like you double crochet (treble) into the next stitch and then you keep increasing the post into each stitch getting the height you want and then you decrease again towards the end of the leaf.

Repeat the process above on the other side of the leaf.

Hope this helps!

11 thoughts on “Step by Step Crochet Leaf”
  1. Thanks for sharing this adorable little leaf. I was wondering if there may be written instructions for this patter as there are a couple of places that I’m having difficulty replicating what the stitch may be (such as the turn around at the tip of the leaf for the 2nd side- between step 4&5)
    With appreciation,

  2. Love this leaf. Could use on several projects. Would there be a written pattern some place that I could follow? Thank you for sharing.

  3. Could I please get the pattern for this leaf? I’ve been looking for some time and this is perfect. Please! Thank you. Shirley

  4. I have a problem reading or trying to figure out how many stitches at beginning and more. I can’t download your pdf file as I already have one on my Mac and this page won’t let me download the file without downloading the PDF. PLEASE, PLEASE can you put the pattern up so we can read what your are doding? Please

  5. HELP, can’t figure out your number of stitches at beginning. Please Please post instructions. Just a picture does no good. HELP please

  6. I would also like to have this pattern. We are making some flowers for fiddle mats for our Alzhemier church members and this leaf would be the icing on the cake.

    I tried counting the chain to start and I couldn’t do it. I love the illustrations, but need some more details.

    1. All that is available is this graphic. I could have a go at working it out using the images, you are more than welcomed to comment and correct.

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