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Crochet Symbols Glossary

Crochet Symbols Glossary from all over the world, Russian, Portuguese, English, Japanese, Spanish and more. Portuguese Crochet Symbols: Russian Crochet Symbols: 1. Соединительный столбик – joining stitch 2. Столбик без накида – single crochet 3. Полустолбик – slip stitch 4. Столбик с накидом – double …

Magic Ring Crochet Tutorial

Magic Ring Crochet Tutorial by Heidi Bears. “Tutorial…I really like this Magic Ring start to a round motif as you can pull the circle very tightly closed….and it’s really easy to do!” Free Pattern

Beginner Guides to Crochet

Here is a compilation of pdfs I have found on my crochet journeys to help those that want to learn how to crochet! One with uk terms: Learn to Crochet, Crochet Guide Us terms: BasicCrochetStitches, crochet terms, crochet handbook Crochet and Tatting Guide: crochet tatting …