25 Free Amigurumi Dog Crochet Patterns

Amigurumi dog crochet patterns to download now!

25 Free Amigurumi Dog Crochet Patterns to Download Now. Amigurumi dog patterns, crochet toy dog patterns.

Dog Plushie
Cute dog amigurumi pattern for free to make by With Love Feli.
Free Amigurumi Dog Crochet Pattern Download

Little Dog Amigurumi
Approximately 4½” tall. “The Lunar New Year is less than a week away, and to celebrate the Year of the Dog, I’m sharing a free pattern for this amigurumi!”. Designed by The Bunny Studio.
Free dog amigurumi crochet pattern

Old Dog Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern
Crochet this adorable old dog with this fantastic amigurumi pattern.
Free Amigurumi Dog Crochet Pattern Download

Crochet Poodle Pattern
This Crochet Poodle Pattern is given in sections, as the puppy is created separately and then sewn together upon completion. Designed by Lucy Kate Crochet.
Crochet Poodle Pattern Free. Free crochet pattern download for an adorable poodle.

Amigurumi Yorkie Tutorial
Adorable Yorkie dog breed crochet toy pattern. Size is about 7 inches High x 5 inches Wide. Designed by Crochet Parfait.
Amigurumi Yorkie Tutorial Free Crochet Pattern. Crochet this cute dog with this absolutely free crochet amigurumi/toy pattern.

Dalmatian and German Shepherd Free Amigurumi Dog Crochet Pattern
Two popular dog breed amigurumi crochet patterns by Anonymouscrochet.
Dalmatian and German Shepherd Free Amigurumi Dog Crochet Pattern

Keyring Puppy
Amigurumi dog/puppy to crochet with long ears by Lonemer Creations.
Amigurumi dog crochet pattern free keyring

Scottish Terrier
A description for how to make a Scottish terrier plushie. Gauge is not important, use an acrylic/wool yarn of choice with a suitable hook. Designed by Jessica Pilhede.
Scottish Terrier Free Crochet Toy Amigurumi Pattern

Amigurumi Schanuzer
Super cute little dog to crochet with adorable fur. Realistic looking dog pattern to crochet. Designed by Projectarian.
Amigurumi Schanuzer Free Crochet Dog Toy Pattern. Dog amigurumi crochet patterns, realistic looking dog to crochet.

The Reversible Expressions Animal Series
This is “Little yarn friends” Reversible Expressions Animal Series featuring Lil’ Puppy Blu, Lil’ Green Kitty and Lil’ Pink Bunny.
The Reversible Expressions Animal Series. Adorable and cute amigurumi dog crochet pattern. Little toy dog to crochet.

Amigurumi Chihuahua
Super cute chihuahua dogs to crochet with free crochet pattern by Abbygurumi!
Amigurumi Chihuahua Dog Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Labrador
Would you like your very own handmade replica of your Labrador? A cute copy of your adorable pup, to proudly display in your home?
Here is a simple pattern with written instructions for how to make your very own crochet Lab.
Crochet Labrador Free Amigurumi Pattern

Dog Lucky Free Crochet Pattern
Finished size approx. 7.5 cm (3 inches) high. Designed by Little Owl’s Hut.
Dog Lucky Free Crochet Pattern

Puppy Amigurumi
A 7″ tall amigurumi of a puppy. Designed by I Crochet Things.
Puppy Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern. Crochet Dog Pattern. Dog Amigurumi.

Cuddle Me Puppy
This is a BIG puppy, standing about 20 inches tall. By Amigurumi To Go.
Cuddle Me Puppy Free Crochet Dog Pattern. Amigurumi dog crochet pattern with floppy ears.

Amigurumi Perky Puppy
This little puppy is so cute and fun to make. He has big, perky ears and a sweet little nose. Designed by Emily Premise-Conclusion.
Amigurumi Perky Puppy. FREE crochet pattern dog amigurumi.

Poodle measures 13” tall x 12” from nose to end (excluding tail). Designed by Nancy Anderson.
Pomp-a-Poodle Free Crochet Toy Dog Pattern

Brown Hound Crochet Pattern
Easy crochet amigurumi dog pattern. Size is approximately 11″ from tip of nose to tip of tail. Designed by Michelle Wilcox.
Brown Hound Crochet Pattern

Lily Baby Beagle
Lily Baby Beagle Amigurumi Stuffed Puppy Dog. Designed by Mary Walker.
Lily Baby Beagle Amigurumi Stuffed Puppy Dog

Rainbow Slinky Dog
Create the most AMAZING handmade toy your child has ever seen! The Rainbow Slinky Dog stretches to a length of 19”, and he resembles the Slinky Dog in the Disney/ Pixar Toy Story franchise. Designed by Kimberlie Goodnough.
Rainbow Slinky Dog Free Crochet Amigurumi Dog Pattern

Sam the Dog
This crochet project is so easy to make, they’re a perfect project for beginning crocheters. Designed by Michele Wilcox,
Sam the Dog Free Crochet Amigurumi Dog Pattern

Generic Dog
With this pattern you can knit a amigurumi with the generic shape of a dog about 15cm long for 3mm thread and 1.5mm needle. By
Fantasy Points. See more dog knitting patterns.
Generic dog shape free crochet dog pattern

Little Dog
Little dog by Liz Ward.
Little dog amigurumi crochet pattern free

Amigurumi Corgi
Crochet the Queen’s corgi with this cute amigurumi dog crochet pattern by Studio Ami.
Amigurumi corgi pattern free crochet. Amigurumi dog crochet pattern free.

Henry the Amigurumi Hound Dog
Henry is about 10 inches long and 6 inches tall when made from DK yarn, and he is about 5.25 inches long and 3.5 inches tall when made with size 10 thread. All four of his legs are thread jointed, so he is very poseable. by S. Pendleton.
Henry the Amigurumi Hound Dog

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