Squares Crochet Lace Dress

Squares Crochet Lace Dress.

lace crochet squares dress

Description Crochet dress:
The dress is made in the fillet technique and consists of 6 squares and 4 triangles. Before you start, tie a sample and check for the appropriate size for the pattern. Product Dimensions: see drawing. If necessary, increase (decrease) the size of the motif using a hook larger (smaller number), or knit a larger (smaller) number of rows than the basic scheme.
Knit squares of Scheme 1, Scheme 2 triangles on finished parts of triangles and squares tie a row of sc and connect with each other in the process of tying according to the pattern. Straps made under the scheme 3, and the sleeves are knitted oblique grid scheme 4. Bottom and neckline tie sc finish 4-5 cm in width yarn such as “grass”.
The scheme of knitting squares:


dress dimensions

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