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Granny Square Runner Pattern Diagram and Inspiration

Granny Square Runner Pattern Diagram and Inspiration. Loving this easy to create granny square runner, look at all the color combinations and variations you can create! Great pattern for not only table runners but also bathroom and kitchen mats, rugs for the living room and extend it to create blankets!

11 thoughts on “Granny Square Runner Pattern Diagram and Inspiration”

  1. Yes thank you for sharing! I have a question though, for the ones you put on the floor…are they made of worsted weight yarn? Like a number 4?
    Thank you so much and very pretty pictures/work.

  2. Por favor cómo encuentro los tutoriales de las mantas gra
    my..para cama ..en Español??? Quien me puede colaborar soy de Bogotá Colombia.. gracias

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