14 free Most Popular Crochet Patterns crochet patterns

Most popular crochet patterns for 2019, 2018 and 2017.

Find the best pattern roundups to crochet and download now!

10+ Free Crochet Mandala Patterns

10+ Free Crochet Mandala Patterns. Crochet mandalas are right on trend right now! A mandala is a circle that represents the universe and our lives. Mandalas are an opportunity to play with gorgeous color combinations and fun crochet stitches. We are sharing + Free Crochet …

More Than 30 Crochet Owl Patterns All Free

Amazing crochet owl patterns to make for any occasion! With over more than 30 free Crochet Owl patterns to make you will never feel bored. Crochet Owls are fun, colorful and quick projects to make. They can be used as little keyrings, Christmas ornaments, toys for …